Did you know? The Green Energy Act's Feed-in-Tariff program is the single largest climate change initiative in Canada

Please note this aspect of the Green Collar Careers Program is not currently active. GCC successfully managed co-op students and industry partnerships from 2010 - 2012. For any inquiries about our co-op model, please contact us by email
The Green Collar Careers (GC2) program is a new initiative that addresses the labour needs of the emerging green industry by preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s jobs. GCbrings students and industry together through engaging and relevant secondary school co-op placements focused on green energy and sustainable development. The program will equip grade 11 and 12 students with a better understanding of their role in a sustainable future as they gain valuable work skills and exposure to the growing green sector.
As a collaboration between TREC, TDSB, and industry, the Green Collar Careers program matches students with a hands-on placement at a location near their school. Because the students are earning credits towards a high school diploma, they do not expect compensation, and the school board covers insurance for the students.

With the recent passing of  Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act, the need for new skilled green workers has never been greater. As an Industry Partner, you would have first-hand experience in shaping a new generation of green collar workers. The Green Collar Careers program would also provide an opportunity to gain a fresh youth perspective, foster company loyalty amongst youth and actively participate in building a community of environmental awareness and sustainability. Join us today!

Program Aims

To provide industry with:

  • the trained and enthusiastic workforce it will need in the near future
  • a chance to mentor young minds and give back to the community
  • free labour and a fresh, enthusiastic youth perspective
To provide students with:
  • exposure and access to a new and fast growing niche in the labour market
  • hands-on, marketable work experience
  • a solid vision and understanding of what a sustainable future can look like

"The most important thing I learned was that it is not hard for everyone to make a change that is good for the environment. Green jobs are the future. It's nice to be a step ahead of everyone else."

- Green Collar Careers Co-op Student