Did you know? 30% of employees currently in the energy sector are set to retire by 2012
green job links

This is the best go-to website for a listing of current green jobs around the country. Environmental employers post positions here regularly so it’s worth checking it often. Good Work also lists internship and volunteer opportunities, as well as an updated list of green events. There’s lots of other information on the site (including articles on renewable energy, job networking tips and links to just about everything on the internet related to the environment) although it may be a bit tricky trying to find what you're looking for. Still, if you have the time and patience to poke through it, there’s enough information on Good Work Canada to keep you busy for years! 

Work Cabin
Work Cabin is another national environmental website and includes many green job, volunteer and internship listings. It’s also a little easier on the eyes than Good Work. The site also includes a number of current environmental news articles as well as a career planning resource centre, although this seems to be aimed at more experienced and established job seekers.

Ecoteer lists worldwide volunteer placement opportunities with an environmental focus. It’s aim is to offer affordable overseas volunteer experiences in the areas of conservation, ecotourism and scientific research. So if you’re looking to broaden your green experience while getting a little taste of adventure abroad, check out their giant list of placements!

ECO Canada
This is a very comprehensive website with a special section just for students. You can browse a long list of career profiles and save the interesting ones to your clipboard; you can use an online career matching tool to see what job fits your skills and interests; and you can get help on your resume too! There is also a video library of people that work in the environmental field who talk about their job experience and what kind of education you need to get a similar position.