Did you know? 30% of employees currently in the energy sector are set to retire by 2012
The Green Energy and Green Economy Act

The Green Energy and Green Economy Act is a provincial act passed in 2009 that hopes to make Ontario the North American leader in clean, green energy. With the passing of this act, the Green Energy sector is set to expand at an exponential rate. This emerging industry will be a major source of job opportunities in Ontario as the demand for skilled green sector workers grows.  

Key Elements of The Green Energy Act:

  • Streamlined approvals for renewable energy projects
  • Opportunities for municipalities, First Nation and M├ętis communities to build, own and operate their own renewable energy projects
  • Further economic incentives for municipalities, communities and Aboriginal groups to build renewable energy projects
  • Part of provincial plan to eliminate coal as an energy source by 2014
  • First Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program in North America, which allows companies, communities and homeowners to sell the renewable energy they generate to the grid at a lucrative rate
  • Over 2000 FIT applications submitted in the first two months, worth an estimated $5 billion in investments in areas such as design, manufacturing, construction and engineering
  • Domestic Content regulations to ensure that new green manufacturing opportunities stay right here in Ontario
  • Expected to bring 50,000 new green jobs to Ontario over the next 3 years
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